Publication Date Index

Year Title Author
2010 All My Flashbacks Gilbert
2010 And Furthermore Dench
2010 Being James Bond Darlington
2010 Choice of Weapons -
2010 The Complete Guide to the Drinks of James Bond Leigh
2010 fEmpowerment: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl — Companion Playbook Shepard
2010 From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls Rimmer
2010 James Bond: Licence to “Quote”; The Quotable Double-0 Seven Jarman, ed.
2010 James Bond: Nightbird Titan
2010 James Bond in the World and Popular Culture: The Films Are Not Enough Weiner, Whitfield and Becker, eds.
2010 Sean Connery: The Measure of a Man Bray
2010 Shaken and Stirred: The Feminism of James Bond Caplen
2011 007 on the Rocks: A Guide to the Drinks of James Bond Kurr
2011 Carte Blanche Deaver
2011 The Israel Bond Omnibus -
2011 James Bond in Our Sights: A Close Look at ‘A View to a Kill’ McNess
2011 The James Bond Omnibus, Vol. 2 Titan
2011 The Men Who Might Have Been Bond Robinson
2011 Selling James Bond: Product Placement in the James Bond Films Nitins
2011 The True Adventures of the World's Greatest Stuntman: My Life as Indiana Jones, James Bond, Superman and Other Movie Heroes Armstrong
2012 [Bond, James]: alphabet, anatomy, [auto]biography Disler
2012 Bond on Bond: The Ultimate Book on 50 Years of Bond Movies Moore
2012 Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan O'Connell
2012 The First Lady of Bond Gayson
2012 Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation Postmaster: The Untold Top Secret Story Lett
2012 The James Bond Collection -
2012 The James Bond Omnibus, Vol. 3 Titan
2012 The James Bond Omnibus, Vol. 4 Titan
2012 James Bond Unmasked Desowitz
2012 The Music of James Bond Burlingame
2012 My Life as a Mankiewicz: An Insider's Journey through Hollywood Mankiewicz and Crane
2013 Birds of the West Indies Simon
2013 The James Bond Movies of the 1980s Christie
2013 The James Bond Omnibus, Vol. 5 Titan
2013 James Bond on Location: An Unofficial Review and Guide to the Locations Used for the Entire Film Series from ‘Dr. No’ to ‘Skyfall’ Sperati
2013 One Day in August: Ian Fleming, Enigma and the Deadly Raid on Dieppe O'Keefe
2013 Rogue Royale: The Lost Bond Film by the ‘Shakespeare of Hollywood’ Duns
2013 The Signs of James Bond: Semiotic Explorations in the World of 007 Ferreras Savoye
2013 Solo Boyd
2013 SPECTRE Rickels
2014 Diamonds in the Rough: Investigations into the Worlds of Ian Fleming and James Bond Duns
2014 Goldeneye: Where Bond Was Born; Ian Fleming's Jamaica Parker
2014 The James Bond Omnibus, Vol. 6 Titan
2014 Last Man Standing: Tales from Tinseltown Moore
2014 Shooting 007 and Other Celluloid Adventures Mills
2015 Bond by Design: The Art of the James Bond Films -
2015 Bond Cocktails: Over 20 Classic Cocktail Recipes for the Secret Agent in All of Us Bebo
2015 Bond vs. Bond: The Many Faces of 007 Simpson
2015 Death in the Face: A Hector Lassiter Novel McDonald
2015 Duns on Bond: An Omnibus of Journalism on Ian Fleming and James Bond Duns
2015 Everything I Know about Life I Learned from James Bond Flynn and Blackwood
2015 Fan Phenomena: James Bond Hines, ed.
2015 For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond Funnell, ed.
2015 The Forgotten James Bond Elhefnawy
2015 Ian Fleming: A Personal Memoir Harling
2015 The Ian Fleming Miscellany Cook
2015 The James Bond Songs: Pop Anthems of Late Capitalism Daub and Kronengold
2015 James Bond — SPECTRE: The Complete Comic Strip Collection Titan
2015 James Bond's Evolution Elhefnawy
2015 The Man with the Golden Typewriter: Ian Fleming's James Bond Letters Fleming, ed.
2015 The Many Lives and Deaths of James Bond Elhefnawy
2015 Some Kind of Hero: The Remarkable Story of the James Bond Films Field and Chowdhury
2015 The SPECTRE Trilogy -
2015 Trigger Mortis Horowitz
2015 “VARGR” Ellis/Masters
2015 The World According to Blofeld's Cat: Unofficial Musings from the Volcano Lair Blofeld's Cat
2016 The Complete James Bond — Dr. No: The Classic Comic Strip Collection, 1958–60 Titan
2016 “Eidolon” Ellis/Masters
2016 “Hammerhead” Diggle/Casalanguida
2016 James Bond: The Secret History Egan
2016 James Bond, Vol. 1: VARGR Dynamite
2016 Precious Cufflinks: From Pablo Picasso to James Bond Grasser, Hemmerle and Herzog von Württemberg
2017 À bientôt… Moore
2017 “Black Box” Percy/Lobosco
2017 The Complete James Bond — Goldfinger: The Classic Comic Strip Collection, 1960–66 Titan
2017 The Complete James Bond — Octopussy: The Classic Comic Strip Collection, 1966–69 Titan
2017 “Felix Leiter” Robinson/Campbell
2017 Geographies, Genders and Geopolitics of James Bond Funnell and Dodds, eds.
2017 Ian Fleming: The Book Collector Fergusson, ed.
2017 James Bond: Casino Royale Jensen/Calero
2017 James Bond: Felix Leiter Dynamite
2017 James Bond: Hammerhead Dynamite
2017 James Bond, Vol. 2: Eidolon Dynamite
2017 James Bond, Vol. 3: Black Box Dynamite
2017 “Kill Chain” Diggle/Casalanguida
2017 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: The Boom in British Thrillers from ‘Casino Royale’ to ‘The Eagle Has Landed’; How Britain Lost an Empire but Its Secret Agents Saved the World Ripley
2017 “Moneypenny” Houser/Edgar
2017 “Service” Gillen/Fuso
2017 Shirley Bassey: Diamonds Are Forever; A Celebration of My 50 Years as Her Greatest Fan Long
2017 “Solstice” Moustafa/Moustafa
2017 The World of James Bond: The Lives and Times of 007 Black
2017 ‘You Only Live Twice’ 50th Anniversary Guide to Japan Mulder
2018 “The Body” Kot/Casalanguida et al.
2018 Bond, the Beatles and My Year with Marilyn: 50 Years as a Movie Marketing Man Juroe
2018 The Definitive Story of ‘You Only Live Twice’: Fleming, Bond and Connery in Japan Thomas
2018 Equipping James Bond: Guns, Gadgets and Technological Enthusiasm Millard
2018 Feminists Don't Wear Pink and Other Lies: Amazing Women on What the F-word Means to Them Curtis, ed.
2018 Forever and a Day Horowitz
2018 “The Greatest Days” Parker/Q
2018 He Disagreed with Something That Ate Him: Reading ‘The Living Daylights’ and ‘Licence to Kill’ Edwards
2018 Hit and Miss: The Story of the John Barry Seven Leonard and Walker
2018 James Bond: The Body Dynamite
2018 James Bond: Case Files, Vol. 1 Dynamite
2018 James Bond: Kill Chain, Vol. 1 Dynamite
2018 James Bond Uncovered Strong, ed.
2018 “M” Shalvey/Holden
2018 “Odd Job” Pak/Laming, Pak/Mooney
2018 The Playboy and James Bond: 007, Ian Fleming and “Playboy” Magazine Hines
2018 “Rocket Sea” Parker/Q
2018 Shaken: Drinking with James Bond and Ian Fleming; The Official Cocktail Book Weil, Hiddleston and Johansson
2018 “A Train to Catch” Parker/Q
2019 “Big Things” Ayala/Gapstur, Lore/D'Urso
2019 Bond Girls: Body, Fashion and Gender Germanà
2019 “The Debt” Parker+Moustafa / Moustafa
2019 “Goldfinger” Pak/Gapstur, Pak/Carey
2019 His World Never Dies: The Evolution of James Bond Holcomb
2019 “Izabel” Parker/Q
2019 James Bond 007 HC, Vol. 1 Dynamite
2019 James Bond: Live and Let Die Jensen/Baal
2019 James Bond: Origin, Vol. 1 Dynamite
2019 James Bond: Origin, Vol. 2 Dynamite
2019 Making Movie Magic: A Lifetime Creating Special Effects for James Bond, Harry Potter, Superman and More Richardson
2019 The Many Facets of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’: James Bond on Page and Screen Buckton, ed.
2019 The Many Lives of James Bond: How the Creators of 007 Have Decoded the Superspy Edlitz
2019 “Russian Ruse” Parker/Moustafa
2019 Thunderbook: The World of Bond According to Smersh Pod Rain
2019 When Harry Met Cubby: The Story of the James Bond Producers Sellers