The Many Facets of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’: James Bond on Page and Screen (2019)


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“The Scorpion as Emblem of Affect in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’” by Elyn Achtymichuk-Hardy “The Sounds of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’” by Jesc Bunyard “Transforming Bond: ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ in Its Contexts” by James Chapman “James Bond, Meet John Blaize: Identity Theft and Intertextuality in Ian Fleming's ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘The Diamond Smugglers’” by Oliver Buckton “My Adversary, Myself: An Examination of James Bond and How Wint and Kidd Reflect His Own Psyche in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’” by Grant C. Hester “The Devolution of Tiffany Case” by Jennifer L. Martinsen “The Eyes of Tiffany Case — And What They Tell about Ian Fleming's First Successful Female Character” by Ihsan Amanatullah “Attitudes Are Forever: America Disdained” by Matthew B. Sherman “The Desert of the Real: ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ as a Hollywood Novel” by Mark David Kaufman “A Happy Selection: The Representation of Food and Drink in the Book and Film of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’” by Edward Biddulph

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