Rocket Sea (2018)

James Bond: Origin #3–5 (November 2018 – January 2019)

The epic account of James Bond's exploits during World War II continues.

#3 (November 2018) Aboard a Royal Navy submarine, Lieutenant James Bond and crew encounter deadly German warships and bombers! Can the British crew keep their nerve and evade… or will they sink into a watery grave?

#4 (December 2018) Forced to surface in enemy waters, a damaged Royal Navy submarine docks at a mysterious island for repairs. Lieutenant James Bond leads a hunting expedition across the island. But while hunting beasts, he discovers a far more dangerous prey…

#5 (January 2019) Bond and his squad commander a German bomber plane, to sink a Nazi cruiser. And aside from not knowing how to fly the bomber, or how to drop bombs from it, all should go as planned…


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James Bond: Origin, Vol. 1 (Dynamite 2019)