The Debt (2019)

James Bond: Origin #10–12 (June – August 2019)

The conclusion of Bond's adventures in 1941.

#10 (June 2019) Lieutenant Bond returns to England to recuperate from injuries. But the death of his mentor will throw him into the seediest alleyways London has to offer, as he seeks revenge.

#11 (July 2019) Lieutenant James Bond learns a new skill. A former friend helps atone for the death of another. And Bond descends into a part of war-torn London that few fresh faces emerge from unscathed.

#12 (August 2019) In 1941, Lietuenant Bond finally learns the truth of his deceased mentor, Commander Weldon. But truth comes at a cost.


Dynamite James Bond Comic Books — #19 28 items


Jeff Parker 6 items Ibrahim Moustafa 5 items


Ibrahim Moustafa 5 items

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James Bond: Origin, Vol. 2 (Dynamite 2019)