Russian Ruse (2019)

James Bond: Origin #7–9 (March – May 2019)

#7 (March 2019) A Norwegian supply ship carrying gold mysteriously sinks. A Russian crew claims the Nazis are responsible. Royal Navy Lieutenant James Bond suspects foul play.

#8 (April 2019) Captured by the Russians, Lieutenant Bond meets the beautiful Oksana, who may be his ticket to safety, or lead to his doom. But it's quite difficult to know ally from foe, when you've been drugged.

#9 (May 2019) Injured and alone, lieutenant James Bond has escaped his Russian captors, only to be thrust into the heart of war.


Dynamite James Bond Comic Books — #17 28 items


Jeff Parker 6 items


Ibrahim Moustafa 5 items

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James Bond: Origin, Vol. 2 (Dynamite 2019)