Big Things (2019)

James Bond (2019) #1–6 (December 2019 – May 2020)

#1 (Ayala and Lore/Gapstur, December 2019) When a priceless piece of art is found to be fake, investigations lead down a rabbit hole of international crime and corruption. But what the hell does James Bond know about the world of art forgery?

#2 (Ayala and Lore/Gapstur, January 2020) A fake is only the beginning… James Bond is forced into a world he doesn't understand. ¶ Counterfeits, smuggling, following impossible trails to invisible villains. Can he learn to trust others for help, or will the mission leave him behind?

#3 (Ayala and Lore/Gapstur, February 2020) Bond is in over his head. What started as a "punishment" assignment has expanded into a world of international crime that Bond can't wrap his mind around. Will 007 accept that the mission is too big for one spy, and seek assistance… or will pride be his downfall?

#4 (Ayala and Lore/D'Urso, March 2020) Agent 007 is a loner, by nature. But finally, he accepts that he needs help. But will trusting someone else help his mission… or lead to the deaths of innocents?

#5 (Ayala and Lore/D'Urso, April 2020) Fakes are everywhere. 007 has no clue who to trust. His training and intuition are all that stand between the shadows and the light.

#6 (Ayala and Lore/D'Urso, May 2020) Big. Mister Big.


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