‘You Only Live Twice’ 50th Anniversary Guide to Japan (2017)

In 1966, Eon Productions decided to film the fifth James Bond adventure in Japan: You Only Live Twice, based on the novel by Ian Fleming which was published two years before. The film that resulted from these efforts came out in 1967 and was an unsurpassed visual spectacle. The exciting Tokyo neon signs, the beautiful countryside temples and rural villages and volcanoes gave the film a very exotic background. Today, Japan is still a very attractive travel destination and this book will encourage you to follow the tracks of her majesty's best known secret agent.

Go on an exciting journey from Tokyo to Kagoshima, revisiting all the filming locations used in You Only Live Twice. From Osato Chemicals HQ to Tiger Tanaka's countryside house, from Blofeld's volcano base to the remote shrine where Bond married Kissy. An action packed adventure!

Includes a bonus trip to Hashima (Gunkanjima or Battleship Island) in Nagasaki Bay, which served as the model for Silva's hideout in Skyfall.


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