Publication Date Index

Year Title Author
1970 The Airline Pirates Gardner
1970 “The Golden Ghost” Lawrence/Horak
1970 Traitor's Exit Gardner
1970 What Became of Jane Austen? and Other Questions Amis
1971 Air Apparent Gardner
1971 Detectionary: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Characters in Mystery Fiction Penzler, Steinbrunner and Lachman
1971 “Double Jeopardy” Lawrence/Horak
1971 Far Afield in the Caribbean: Migratory Flights of a Naturalist's Wife Bond
1971 “Fear Face” Lawrence/Horak
1971 The Golden Ball and Other Stories Christie
1971 The Great Movie Series Parish, ed.
1971 Hess Manvell and Frenkel
1971 The Ian Fleming Collection of 19th–20th Century Source Material Concerning Western Civilization Together with the Originals of the James Bond–007 Tales Randall
1971 Jonathan Cape, Publisher Howard
1971 Mass Culture Revisited Rosenberg and White, eds.
1971 The Murder Book: An Illustrated History of the Detective Story la Cour and Mongensen
1971 The Novelist at the Crossroads and Other Essays on Fiction and Criticism Lodge
1971 The Peeping Tom Patrol Playboy
1971 Snobbery with Violence Watson
1971 “Starfire” Lawrence/Horak
1971 “Trouble Spot” Lawrence/Horak
1972 The Collector's Book of Detective Fiction Quayle
1972 The Dynamics of Creation Storr
1972 A History of the Russian Secret Service Deacon
1972 “Isle of Condors” Lawrence/Horak
1972 James Bond in the Cinema Brosnan
1972 “The League of Vampires” Lawrence/Horak
1972 The Masks of Hate: The Problem of False Solutions in the Culture of an Acquisitive Society Holbrook
1972 OSS: The Secret History of America's First Central Intelligence Agency Smith
1972 The Pearl of Days: An Intimate Memoir of the Sunday Times, 1822–1972 Hobson, Knightley and Russell
1972 Shovelling Trouble Richler
1973 “Beware of Butterflies” Lawrence/Horak
1973 The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok Palin et al.
1973 Deeper into Movies Kael
1973 “Die with My Boots On” Lawrence/Horak
1973 The Durable Desperadoes: A Critical Study of Some Enduring Heroes Butler
1973 The Evening Colonnade Connolly
1973 The Films of William Holden Quirk
1973 “The Girl Machine” Lawrence/Horak
1973 James Bond 007 Tarot Book Kaplan
1973 James Bond: The Authorized Biography of 007 Pearson
1973 A James Bond Omnibus -
1973 Live and Let Die and Other James Bond Film Music -
1973 The Master Book of Spies McCormick
1973 The Primal Screen Sarris
1973 Roger Moore as James Bond 007: Roger Moore's Own Account of Filming ‘Live and Let Die’ Moore
1973 Roger Moore's James Bond Diary Moore
1973 Saturday Afternoon at the Bijou Zinman
1973 The Spy Who Died of Boredom Mikes
1973 The Thriller: The Suspense Film from 1946 Davis
1973 A Treasury of Modern Mysteries -
1973 Unholy Fools; Wits, Comics, Disturbers of the Peace: Film and Theater Gilliatt
1974 Cunning Exiles Anderson and Knight, eds.
1974 Festschrift Jean Martin -
1974 The Films of Roger Moore Williams
1974 The Films of Sean Connery Andrews
1974 Great Stories of Mystery and Suspense Reader's Digest
1974 High Stakes and Desperate Men Reader's Digest
1974 Hollywood U.K.: The British Film Industry in the Sixties Walker
1974 The Movie Treasury — Thriller Movies: Classic Films of Suspense and Mystery Hammond
1974 “The Nevsky Nude” Lawrence/Horak
1974 Notes on an Endangered Species and Others Richler
1974 Peter Fleming: A Biography Hart-Davis
1974 “The Phoenix Project” Lawrence/Horak
1974 Spy/Counterspy: The Autobiography of Dusko Popov Popov
1974 Without Cloak or Dagger: The Truth about the New Espionage Copeland
1975 The Autobiography of William Plomer Plomer
1975 “The Black Ruby Caper” Lawrence/Horak
1975 Christopher Lee's ‘X’ Certificate Lee and Parry, eds.
1975 Desert Island Discs Plomey
1975 Grand Slam: 13 Great Bridge Stories Cole and Edwards, eds.
1975 Killer for a Song Gardner
1975 “Till Death Do Us Part” Lawrence/Horak
1975 “The Torch-Time Affair” Lawrence/Horak
1975, 1984 You Only Live Once: Memories of Ian Fleming Bryce
1976 Adventure, Mystery, and Romance: Formula Stories as Art and Popular Culture Cawelti
1976 “Ape of Diamonds” Lawrence / Horak+Colvin
1976 A Contribution to the Psychoanalytic Study of the Modern Hero: The Case of James Bond Trahair
1976 Encyclopedia of Mystery and Detection Steinbrunner and Penzler
1976 “Hot-Shot” Lawrence/Horak
1976 The Life of Noël Coward Lesley
1976 A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War Stevenson
1976 Movies from the Mansion: A History of Pinewood Studios Perry
1976 “Nightbird” Lawrence/Horak
1977 Anatomy of the Spy Thriller Merry
1977 The Cinema of John Huston Pratley
1977 Florinda Broccoli
1977 Great Stories of Mystery and Suspense Reader's Digest
1977 James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me Wood
1977 Murder Ink Winn
1977 Private Lives of Private Eyes: Spies, Crime Fighters, and Other Good Guys Penzler
1977 “When the Wizard Awakes” Lawrence/Horak
1977 Who's Who in Spy Fiction McCormick
1978 The Book of Spies and Secret Agents Pate
1978 Fiction and the Fiction Industry Sutherland
1978 Ian Fleming: A Catalogue of a Collection Campbell
1978 Reruns: 50 Memorable Films Crowther
1978 You Bet Your Life Kaminsky
1979 Delicate Mission: Autobiography of a Secret Agent O'Brien-ffrench
1979 Die James Bond Filme Scheingraber
1979 The Great Spy Films: A Pictorial History Rubenstein
1979 Is James Bond Dead? Great Spy Stories Woods and Woods
1979 James Bond and Moonraker Wood
1979 Murderess Ink Winn
1979 Politics and Deviance Taylor and Taylor, eds.
1979 The Rhinestone as Big as the Ritz Coren
1979 The Role of the Reader: Explorations in the Semiotics of Texts Eco
1979 “Sea Dragon” Lawrence/Horak
1979 Thrillers: Genesis and Structure of a Popular Genre Palmer