Live and Let Die and Other James Bond Film Music (1973)

Contains sheet music from George Martin's musical score to the film Live and Let Die, and selections from previous films. There are 20 titles in all: “Live and Let Die,” “Baron Samedi's Dance of Death,” “If He Finds It, Kill Him,” “Jamaica Jump Up” (from Dr. No), “Fillet of Soul — New Orleans,” “Thunderball,” “Goldfinger,” “Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “Bond Meets Solitaire,” “007,” “Whisper Who Dares,” “San Monique,” “Trespassers Will Be Eaten,” “Fillet of Soul — Harlem,” “New Second Line,” “Diamonds Are Forever,” “From Russia with Love,” “The James Bond Theme,” “Solitaire Gets Her Cards,” and “You Only Live Twice”.


James Bond Films — ‘Live and Let Die’ 3 items