Ian Fleming


Atticus James Bond


Year Title Role
1960 For Your Eyes Only Author
1966 Octopussy and The Living Daylights Author


Year Title Role
1953 Casino Royale Author
1954 Live and Let Die Author
1955 Moonraker Author
1956 Diamonds Are Forever Author
1957 From Russia, with Love Author
1958 Doctor No Author
1959 Goldfinger Author
1961 Thunderball Author
1962 The Spy Who Loved Me Author
1963 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Author
1964 You Only Live Twice Author
1965 The Man with the Golden Gun Author


Year Title Role
1933 All Night at Mr. Stanyhurst's Introduction
1957 The Diamond Smugglers Author
1957 The Education of a Poker Player: Including Where and How One Learns to Win Introduction
1960 The State of Excitement: Impressions of Kuwait Author
1960s Sable Basilisk Author
1962 Airline Detective: The Fight against International Air Crime Foreword
1962 Room 3603: The Story of the British Intelligence Center in New York during World War II Foreword
1962 The Seven Deadly Sins Foreword
1963, 1964 Thrilling Cities Author
1964 Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang: The Magical Car Author
1965 Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica Introduction
1969 House and Garden Weekend Book Contributor

Short Stories

Year Title Role
1960 For Your Eyes Only Author
1960 From a View to a Kill Author
1960 The Hildebrand Rarity Author
1960 Quantum of Solace Author
1960 Risico Author
1962 The Living Daylights Author
1963 The Property of a Lady Author
1964 007 in New York Author
1965 Octopussy Author