Casino Royale (1953)

The first James Bond novel.

The dry riffle of the cards and the soft whirr of the roulette wheel, the sharp call of the croupiers and the feverish mutter of a crowded casino hide the thick voice at Bond's ear which says ‘I will count up to ten.’

Anyone who has ever gambled will find this tense and sometimes horrifying story of espionage and high gambling irresistible. So will readers who have never entered a casino. Connoisseurs of realistic fiction will particularly note the careful documentation of the Secret Service background, the chilling portrait of Le Chiffre, the authentic menace of SMERSH, and the sensual appeal of the girl in ‘soie sauvage.’


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Gilt-Edged Bonds (1961) Great Stories of Mystery and Suspense (Reader's Digest 1974), abridgement (621–718) Ian Fleming (1980) Ian Fleming: Casino Royale, Live and Let Die, Moonraker (2003) James Bond 007: Five Complete Novels (1988) The James Bond Collection (2012) A James Bond Quartet (1992) The Spy's Bedside Book (Greene and Greene 1957), excerpt titled “Blanc de Blanc Brut, 1943” (#44)