Publication Date Index

Year Title Author
1960 Best Secret Service Stories Welcome, ed.
1960 “Dr. No” O'Donnell/McLusky
1960 For Your Eyes Only Fleming
1960 “For Your Eyes Only” Fleming
1960 “From a View to a Kill” Fleming
1960 “From Russia with Love” Gammidge/McLusky
1960 “Goldfinger” Gammidge/McLusky
1960 “The Hildebrand Rarity” Fleming
1960 Holiday Magazine Book of the World's Fine Food: A Treasury of Adventures in Gastronomy -
1960 The Pass Beyond Kashmir Mather
1960 “Quantum of Solace” Fleming
1960 “Risico” Fleming
1960 The State of Excitement: Impressions of Kuwait Fleming
1960s Sable Basilisk de la Lanne-Mirrlees and Fleming
1961 Best Gambling Stories Welcome, ed.
1961 The Concise Encyclopedia of Crime and Criminals Scott, ed.
1961 “For Your Eyes Only” Gammidge/McLusky
1961 “From a View to a Kill” Gammidge/McLusky
1961 Gilt-Edged Bonds -
1961 “Risico” Gammidge/McLusky
1961 Thunderball Fleming
1961 “Thunderball” Gammidge/McLusky
1962 Airline Detective: The Fight against International Air Crime Fish
1962 Alligator Fl*m*ng
1962 Encore: The Sunday Times Book -
1962 The Lawless Skies: The Fight Against International Air Crime Fish
1962 “The Living Daylights” Fleming
1962 Points of View: A Selection from the ‘Spectator’, 1956–1961 Inglis, ed.
1962 Room 3603: The Story of the British Intelligence Center in New York during World War II Hyde
1962 The Seven Deadly Sins -
1962 The Spy Who Loved Me Fleming
1963 Basil Seal Rides Again, or: The Rake's Progress Waugh
1963 Encore: The Sunday Times Book, Second Year -
1963 The Ivory Hammer: The Year at Sotheby's; 219th Season, 1962–1963 -
1963 Never Put Off to Gomorrah… Frayn
1963 On Her Majesty's Secret Service Fleming
1963 Previous Convictions: Selected Writings of a Decade Connolly
1963 Printing and the Mind of Man: Catalogue of the Exhibitions at the British Musuem and at Earls Court, London, 16–27 July 1963 -
1963 “The Property of a Lady” Fleming
1963 Spin the Bottle: The Autobiography of an Alcoholic Gardner
1963, 1964 Thrilling Cities Fleming
1964 “007 in New York” Fleming
1964 007 James Bond: A Report Snelling
1964 007 James Bond in Focus -
1964 Address Given at the Memorial Service for Ian Fleming Plomer
1964 Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang: The Magical Car Fleming
1964 The Compleat Imbiber 7 Ray, ed.
1964 Counterpoint Newquist, ed.
1964 The Craft of Intelligence Dulles
1964 Double 0 Seven James Bond: A Report Snelling
1964 Instant Japanese: A Pocketful of Useful Phrases Watanabe and Nagashima
1964 James Bond in Focus -
1964 The Liquidator Gardner
1964 “On Her Majesty's Secret Service” Gammidge/McLusky
1964 Shame Market Allison
1964 To Catch a Spy: An Anthology of Favourite Spy Stories Ambler, ed.
1964 You Only Live Twice Fleming
1965 The Bedside Guardian 14: A Selection from The Guardian, 1964–1965 -
1965 Best Secret Service Stories 2 Welcome, ed.
1965 The Bond Affair del Buono and Eco, eds.
1965 Bonded Fleming: A James Bond Omnibus -
1965 The Book of Bond, or Every Man His Own 007 Tanner
1965 The Fly Chopping
1965 For Bond Lovers Only Lane, ed.
1965 Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Came In With the Gold Zeiger
1965 Ian Fleming Introduces Jamaica Cargill, ed.
1965 Ian Fleming's Incredible Creation Antony and Friedman
1965 Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 in the Incredible World of Thunderball and His Thunderbirds -
1965 Il Caso Bond del Buono and Eco, eds.
1965 The James Bond Dossier Amis
1965 James Bond in Thunderball -
1965 James Bond Song Book -
1965 Loxfinger Weinstein
1965 The Man with the Golden Gun Fleming
1965 More Gilt-Edged Bonds -
1965 The Motor Lover's Companion Hough, ed.
1965 Nautipuss Allison
1965 “Octopussy” Fleming
1965 Our Girl from Mephisto Allison
1965 Our Man Flint Pearl
1965 Our Man from Sadisto Allison
1965 Pussy L'Amour and the Three Bears: A James Bear Thriller; A Contemporary Fairy Tale of Moral Significance Phleming
1965 Sinners and Supermen Nolan
1965 A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House Schlesinger
1965 The Twelfth Anniversary Playboy Reader Hefner, ed.
1965 Understrike Gardner
1965 “You Only Live Twice” Gammidge/McLusky
1965, 1966, 1968 The James Bond 007 Annual -
1966 0008 Meets Gnatman Allison
1966 0008 Meets Modesta Blaze Allison
1966 Amber Nine Gardner
1966 The Cool Crazy Committed World of the Sixties Berton
1966 Dear 007: Notes, Mash and Otherwise, to the Supersleuth Adler, ed.
1966 Des Filles pour James Bond -
1966 The Desdamona Affair Allison
1966 For Your Sighs Only Allison
1966 From Rapture with Love Allison
1966 Gamefinger Allison
1966 Giles: ‘Sunday Express’ and ‘Daily Express’ Cartoons, Twentieth Series Giles
1966 Go-Go Sadisto Allison
1966 Honor Blackman's Book of Self-Defense Blackman
1966 Hooked on Books Fader
1966 How 007 Got His Name Bond
1966 Ian Fleming: The Fantastic 007 Man Gant
1966 Ian Fleming: The Man with the Golden Pen Gant
1966 Ian Fleming: Man with the Golden Pen Pelrine and Pelrine
1966 James Bond's World of Values Starkey
1966 The Life of Ian Fleming Pearson
1966 “The Living Daylights” Lawrence/Horak
1966 The Lost Bomb Allison
1966 “The Man with the Golden Gun” Lawrence/Horak
1966 Matzohball Weinstein
1966 The Merciless Mermaids Allison
1966 Mondo Sadisto Allison
1966 “Octopussy” Lawrence/Horak
1966 Octopussy and The Living Daylights Fleming
1966 On the Secret Service of His Majesty, the Queen Weinstein
1966 The Orient Express Barsley
1966 The Playboy Book of Crime and Suspense Playboy
1966 The Reasoner Report Reasoner
1966 Roburta the Conqueress Allison
1966 Sadisto Royale Allison
1966 The Sex-Ray Allison
1966 Six Months to Love Allison
1966 Snakefinger: A John Stock Thriller; A Spicy Spoof on Spy Stories Flaming
1966 The Spy with a Cold Nose Galton and Simpson
1966 Thunderball Song Album -
1967 003½: The Adventures of James Bond Junior Mascott
1967 Avakoum Zahov Versus 07 Gulyashki
1967 Camera in Jamaica Yeager
1967 A Crime of Ones Own Grierson
1967 Department of Danger Lancer
1967 The Devil with James Bond! Boyd
1967 The Espionage Establishment Wise and Ross
1967 Fads, Follies and Delusions of the American People: A Pictorial Story of Madnesses, Crazes and Crowd Phenomena Sann
1967 Grim Fairy Tales for Adults: Parodies of Literary Lions Wells
1967 “The Hildebrand Rarity” Lawrence/Horak
1967 Holmes Meets 007 Stanley
1967 The Ice Maiden Allison
1967 In Like Flint Street
1967 Madrigal Gardner
1967 The Manipulator Cilento
1967 Mission: Moonfire Lancer
1967 Playboy Interviews -
1967 The Ring Chopping
1967 Sean Connery: Gilt-Edged Bond Gant
1967 The Sin Funnel Allison
1967 “The Spy Who Loved Me” Lawrence/Horak
1967 Voices from the Sixties Berton
1967 X Marks the Spy Lancer
1968 Ace of Shadows Lancer
1968 Best Campus Humor of the Swinging '60s Adler, ed.
1968 The Best from Playboy, No. 2 Playboy
1968 Colonel Sun Markham
1968 Counter Paradise Fleming
1968 The Desert Damsels Allison
1968 The Egotists: Sixteen Surprising Interviews Fallaci
1968 The Executioners: The Story of SMERSH Seth
1968 “The Harpies” Lawrence/Horak
1968 Heads You Lose Lancer
1968 Platypussy Allison
1968 Room 39: A Study in Naval Intelligence McLachlan
1968 You Only Live Until You Die Weinstein
1969 “Colonel Sun” Lawrence/Horak
1969 Founder Member Gardner
1969 Great Spy Stories from Fiction Dulles, ed.
1969 A History of the British Secret Service Deacon
1969 House and Garden Weekend Book Brayne, ed.
1969 Mordbogen la Cour and Mongensen
1969 The Neophiliacs Booker
1969 Pat and Roald Farrell
1969 The Real 007 Wharton
1969 “River of Death” Lawrence/Horak
1969 Trial by Fury Lancer
1969 The World of the Thriller Harper