James Bond

Title Author Year
0008 Meets Gnatman Allison 1966
0008 Meets Modesta Blaze Allison 1966
Alligator Fl*m*ng 1962
Best Campus Humor of the Swinging '60s Adler, ed. 1968
The Best of Alan Coren Coren 1980
The Cannonball Run Avallone 1981
The Desdamona Affair Allison 1966
The Desert Damsels Allison 1968
For Your Sighs Only Allison 1966
From Rapture with Love Allison 1966
Gamefinger Allison 1966
Go-Go Sadisto Allison 1966
Grim Fairy Tales for Adults: Parodies of Literary Lions Wells 1967
Holmes Meets 007 Stanley 1967
The Ice Maiden Allison 1967
The Lost Bomb Allison 1966
Loxfinger Weinstein 1965
Matzohball Weinstein 1966
The Merciless Mermaids Allison 1966
Mondo Sadisto Allison 1966
Nautipuss Allison 1965
On the Secret Service of His Majesty, the Queen Weinstein 1966
Our Man from Sadisto Allison 1965
Platypussy Allison 1968
Previous Convictions: Selected Writings of a Decade Connolly 1963
Pussy L'Amour and the Three Bears: A James Bear Thriller; A Contemporary Fairy Tale of Moral Significance Phleming 1965
The Rhinestone as Big as the Ritz Coren 1979
Roburta the Conqueress Allison 1966
Sadisto Royale Allison 1966
The Selected Essays of Cyril Connolly Quennell, ed. 1984
The Sex-Ray Allison 1966
The Sin Funnel Allison 1967
Snakefinger: A John Stock Thriller; A Spicy Spoof on Spy Stories Flaming 1966
Triple ‘0’ Seven Jamieson 1985, 1990
You Only Live Until You Die Weinstein 1968
Your Deal, Mr. Bond King and King 1997