General Collection

Title Author Year
The Pass Beyond Kashmir Mather 1960
Pat and Roald Farrell 1969
Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated Mann, ed. 2004
The Pearl of Days: An Intimate Memoir of the Sunday Times, 1822–1972 Hobson, Knightley and Russell 1972
The Pecksville Pack: Meeting James Bond Drew 2004
The Perfect English Spy Bower 1995
Peter Fleming: A Biography Hart-Davis 1974
Pierce Brosnan Carrick 2000
Pierce Brosnan: The Biography Membery 1997
The Pinewood Story: The Authorised History of the World's Most Famous Film Studio Owen and Burford 2000
Platypussy Allison 1968
The Playboy and James Bond: 007, Ian Fleming and “Playboy” Magazine Hines 2018
The Playboy Book, Forty Years Edgren, ed. 1994
The Playboy Interview, Vol. 2 Golson, ed. 1983
Playboy Interviews - 1967
Playing Games with James Bond Sherman 2020
Pleasure Island: The Book of Jamaica Chapman, ed. 1958
Points of View: A Selection from the ‘Spectator’, 1956–1961 Inglis, ed. 1962
Politics and Deviance Taylor and Taylor, eds. 1979
The Politics of James Bond: From Fleming's Novels to the Big Screen Black 2001
Popular Fiction and Social Change Pawling, ed. 1984
A Pound of Paper: Confessions of a Book Addict Baxter 2002
Precious Cufflinks: From Pablo Picasso to James Bond Grasser, Hemmerle and Herzog von Württemberg 2016
Previous Convictions: Selected Writings of a Decade Connolly 1963
The Primal Screen Sarris 1973
Prima's GoldenEye 007 Unauthorized Game Secrets James 1997
Printing and the Mind of Man: Catalogue of the Exhibitions at the British Musuem and at Earls Court, London, 16–27 July 1963 - 1963
The Private Life of James Bond Contosta 1993
Private Lives of Private Eyes: Spies, Crime Fighters, and Other Good Guys Penzler 1977
Pussy L'Amour and the Three Bears: A James Bear Thriller; A Contemporary Fairy Tale of Moral Significance Phleming 1965