Jim Lawrence


Jack Lancer


Year Title Role
1967 Department of Danger Author
1967 Mission: Moonfire Author
1967 X Marks the Spy Author
1968 Ace of Shadows Author
1968 Heads You Lose Author
1969 Trial by Fury Author

Newspaper Strips

Year Title Role
1966 The Living Daylights Writer
1966 The Man with the Golden Gun Writer
1966 Octopussy Writer
1967 The Hildebrand Rarity Writer
1967 The Spy Who Loved Me Writer
1968 The Harpies Writer
1969 Colonel Sun Writer
1969 River of Death Writer
1970 The Golden Ghost Writer
1971 Double Jeopardy Writer
1971 Fear Face Writer
1971 Starfire Writer
1971 Trouble Spot Writer
1972 Isle of Condors Writer
1972 The League of Vampires Writer
1973 Beware of Butterflies Writer
1973 Die with My Boots On Writer
1973 The Girl Machine Writer
1974 The Nevsky Nude Writer
1974 The Phoenix Project Writer
1975 The Black Ruby Caper Writer
1975 Till Death Do Us Part Writer
1975 The Torch-Time Affair Writer
1976 Ape of Diamonds Writer
1976 Hot-Shot Writer
1976 Nightbird Writer
1977 When the Wizard Awakes Writer
1979 Sea Dragon Writer
1980 Death Wing Writer
1980 The Xanadu Connection Writer
1981 Doomcrack Writer
1981 The Paradise Plot Writer
1981 Shark Bait Writer
1981 War Cloud Writer
1982 Deathmask Writer
1983 Flittermouse Writer
1983 Polestar Writer
1984 The Scent of Danger Writer
1985 Double Eagle Writer
1985 Snake Goddess Writer