Gary Giblin

A freelance writer and consultant from Indiana, Gary Giblin has worked on a variety of 007-related projects, including the 1996 James Bond Jamaica Festival, the [1997] Let's Bond in Britain Tour, and the 2001 “Secrets of Spying” television program on The Learning Channel. In 1998, he served as a consultant to MGM/UA, writing the company's in-house reference guide to the James Bond novels and films. He presently serves as editor and head writer of Secret Intelligence, a webzine he created with Lee Pfeiffer and Navin Jain. He and his wife, Lisa, live near Cincinnati, Ohio, where she teaches English. His forthcoming books include James Bond's Britain and Alfred Hitchcock's London, both from Daleon Enterprises.


Year Title Role
2001 James Bond's London: A Reference Guide to Locations Author
2002 James Bond's Britain Author