James Bond
Spy Spoofs

Title Author Year
Ace of Shadows Lancer 1968
The Airline Pirates Gardner 1970
Amber Nine Gardner 1966
A Crime of Ones Own Grierson 1967
Department of Danger Lancer 1967
Founder Member Gardner 1969
Heads You Lose Lancer 1968
In Like Flint Street 1967
Killer for a Song Gardner 1975
The Liquidator Gardner 1964
Madrigal Gardner 1967
Mission: Moonfire Lancer 1967
Our Man Flint Pearl 1965
The Spy Who Inspired Me Clarke 2020
The Spy with a Cold Nose Galton and Simpson 1966
Traitor's Exit Gardner 1970
Trial by Fury Lancer 1969
Understrike Gardner 1965
A Very English Agent Rathbone 2002
X Marks the Spy Lancer 1967