The Spy Who Thrilled Us: A Guide to the Best of Cinematic Bond (2002)

A “best of” compilation of the most memorable moments in the James Bond series. The book ranks the films from best-to-worst (including a short review of each) and highlights the top five moments in a wide array of categories. Chapters include: The Films; The Villains; The Girls; James Bond; The Brass (M, Q, Moneypenny); The Gadgets; The Action; The Music; and Miscellaneous Encounters. Some of the sub-categories in these chapters include: villain deaths, villain lairs, henchmen deaths; sexiest moments; girl names; fashion; femmes fatales; cold-blooded killings; one-liners; why don't they just shoot him?; cars; non-car gadgets; Q-lab gadgets; pretitle sequences; stunts; shoot-outs; chases; explosions; helicopter explosions; songs; scores; animal encounters; worst moments; locations; fallen friends; and best last lines.

Of the 19 James Bond movies released so far, which, considering everything, is the best? Which of the villains 007 has confronted was the nastiest? With which of his women did he have the sexiest encounters? These and scores of other such vital questions are answered by Bond's ultimate fan, Michael Di Leo, in The Spy Who Thrilled Us. Other fans — and they number in the millions — may disagree with his choices, but they will surely be eager to match wits with him.

Di Leo cites the five most memorable or ingenious achievements in a wide array of categories and subcategories. In addition to “The Villains” and “The Girls,” he rates the various actors who have portrayed Bond, “The Brass” to whom he has reported, “The Gadgets” — cars and otherwise — he has employed, “The Action” of the films — from the pretitle sequences to shoot-outs and helicopter explosions. “The Music” — from the best songs to the worst, and a variety of such Bondian features as exotic locations, animal adventures and enduring last lines.

A Bond fan for decades, Di Leo has watched the films countless times and his knowledge of 007 lore is astonishing. he explains his choices of best (and worst) convincingly and with the ease and enthusiasm of someone who wants nothing more than to share his vicarious experience with all his 007 soul mates.


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