Agent 0008 (Clyde Allison)

The Allison titles are unabashed parodies of James Bond. They feature the outlandish exploits of Agent 0008, mankind's only hope against the power- (and sex-) mad female operatives of SADISTO and KRUNCH. They are the ultimate not only in soft-core porn novels but in goofy satire: by turns raunchy, mad, silly, ingenious, childish, horribly sexist, and very funny. Allison was fond of puns, literary references, film references, all sorts of satirical asides to the reader, and private jokes which surely escaped the notice, not to mention the comprehension, of ninety-nine percent of his readers. — Excerpted from Son of Gun in Cheek by Bill Pronzini

Title Author Year
1. Our Man from Sadisto Allison 1965
2. Our Girl from Mephisto Allison 1965
3. Nautipuss Allison 1965
4. Go-Go Sadisto Allison 1966
5. The Desdamona Affair Allison 1966
6. Gamefinger Allison 1966
7. Sadisto Royale Allison 1966
8. 0008 Meets Gnatman Allison 1966
9. For Your Sighs Only Allison 1966
10. The Lost Bomb Allison 1966
11. The Merciless Mermaids Allison 1966
12. Mondo Sadisto Allison 1966
13. 0008 Meets Modesta Blaze Allison 1966
14. The Sex-Ray Allison 1966
15. Roburta the Conqueress Allison 1966
16. From Rapture with Love Allison 1966
17. The Ice Maiden Allison 1967
18. The Sin Funnel Allison 1967
19. Platypussy Allison 1968
20. The Desert Damsels Allison 1968