Guide to Thailand: Revisiting the James Bond Filming Locations (2020)

When EON Productions [chose] Thailand to be the main setting for their ninth James Bond adventure, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), they entered unexplored territory. After filming the dusty streets and dirty khlongs of Bangkok, the production moved southwards to the magical islands of Phang Nga Bay. When the movie came out, the worldwide audience saw its first glimpse of the beautiful country and overnight everything changed. “We put Phuket on the map!”, director Guy Hamilton would later claim. And he was right. Clever tour operators rebranded the visually stunning Khao Phing Kan to James Bond Island and made it one of the most visited James Bond filming locations in the world. In 1997, the film makers returned to both Bangkok and Phang Nga Bay, to film exciting parts of Tomorrow Never Dies here.

Apart from the basic touristic information, James Bond's Guide to Thailand will give you clear directions to find all the Thai filming locations used in the the two movies. With this book you can retrace all the action: From the route of Roger Moore's long tail boat chase through the khlongs to Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Yeoh's motorbike chase through the narrow Bangkok alleys. From the long lost Astro Spiral Jump location in Rangsit to the impressive islands in Phang Nga National Park.


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