Adrian Turner on ‘Goldfinger’ (1998)

An A-Z encyclopedic reference with an emphasis on any and all things related to the film Goldfinger. Highlights include interviews with director Guy Hamilton and Oscar-winning soundman Norman Wanstall, reprints of film reviews, a lengthy entry that traces the development of the screenplay, and an interesting entry on Morland cigarettes and the shop on Grosvenor Street from which Fleming used to buy them. (One entry of particular interest to book collectors is the scathing film review by one Nina Hibbin (pp. 227–229), a film critic for London's Communist Party newspaper. The critic's daughter, Sally Hibbin, would go on to write three “official” Bond-related tomes in the late 1980s: The Official James Bond Movie Book, The Official James Bond Movie Poster Book, and The Making of Licence to Kill.)


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